B&M Transmission Installation Kit & Accessories

We all know that the engine generates the power needed by our vehicles to run. But does anyone know how this power makes a vehicle move? A mechanism located behind the engine—called the transmission or gear box—transports power from the engine to the drive shaft or wheels. Using a system of gears and hydraulics, the transmission maximizes the use of torque from the engine. Without it, the engine would have trouble working at wrong speeds.

As a responsible car owner, you must see to it that your vehicle's transmission is functioning properly at all times. However, transmission woes are inevitable at times. Common signs of transmission system problems include recurrent oil leaks, cloudy transmission fluid, as well as vibration and noises when shifting the vehicle. These should be detected early on to prevent costly transmission repairs. Repair jobs for transmission can be as simple as an adjustment or replacing certain transmission components. Both do not call for the replacement of the entire unit. But sometimes repair can be as complicated as replacing the entire transmission system.

Fortunately, a number of auto parts manufacturers have come up with transmission installation kits. If you're looking for a good and reliable one, the B&M transmission installation kit is the best option. Why purchase individual transmission parts when you can save more with a transmission installation kit? The B&M transmission installation kit is made up of a complete set of tools that help maintain the proper condition of the transmission system. The kit includes the transmission arms, cable brackets, spacers, torque arm brackets, and other tools needed for installation. Made of durable and high-quality materials, the transmission installation kit can be used both for the manual and the automatic transmission systems.

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