B&M Transmission Governor & Accessories

In an automatic transmission, the transmission governor is one of the most essential components. Hence, before discussing the role that a transmission governor plays, knowing the basics about an automatic transmission can be helpful. Much has been said about the enormous convenience an automatic transmission provides to drivers. But do you know that it is considered as one of the most complicated mechanical components in a vehicle? The automatic transmission incorporates the mechanical systems, the hydraulic systems, the electrical systems, and the computer controls to make a vehicle run properly. That is, even with a missing clutch pedal. It is good to know then that aside from these devices, there are first-class components that can boost the automatic transmission's operation—just like the B&M transmission governor.

its operation relies on how fast your car runs. As the transmission governor rotates, oil from the pump is transmitted to the shift valves. The transmission fluid flows to the gear shifting mechanism as the shift valves are released. Once the car's speed is reduced, the transmission governor also slows down, making the valve close in and letting the oil flow to the opposite direction.

Indeed, the transmission governor plays a crucial role in your vehicle's transmission operation. One with premium quality is therefore necessary to perform its duty. Fortunately, you don't have to hop from one auto parts center to the other just to find the right car part. Parts Train offers high-grade replacement parts under different brands. For your transmission governor needs, we recommend the B&M transmission governor. Known as a trustworthy manufacturer of high-quality transmission components, the B&M brand showcases products only of the highest quality.

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