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The transmission system of a vehicle is indeed vital. Thus, it is employed with a number of components, which include transmission gaskets and seals. Generally, there are two types of transmission gaskets and seals that you can find in your vehicle: the internal seals and the external seals. The internal seals are responsible for preventing leakage in clutch packs, servos, and accumulators while the external seals are used for preventing leakage of fluid from outside the transaxle case. There may be a lot of transmission gaskets and seals available in the market today but among the most trusted are the B&M transmission gaskets and seals.

No matter how tough these transmission gaskets and seals are, if improper maintenance is given them, there is a huge tendency for them to easily become defective. This is why B&M transmission gaskets and seals are a good find as they exceed expectations when it comes to this aspect. Anyhow, a defective internal seal can be detected easily if you experience slipping, rough shifts, trouncing of some gear ranges, or the lack of vehicle movement–forward or reverse. Conversely, the major symptoms of an external seal and oil pan gasket gone bad materialize when: reddish-brown spots are seen along your driveway or on your parking space; burning oil smells under your vehicle; and the topping-off of the transmission fluid level becomes recurrent.

Once you've detected any of these symptoms, you should immediately check your transmission system as early as possible, or, better yet, let a professional auto mechanic check it for you to know its actual state. And if replacement is necessary, you don't need to look any further for our site offers high-quality seals and gaskets for any vehicle make and model.

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