B&M Transmission Assembly & Accessories

Automotive transmission controls your vehicle's motion. That's what B&M is all about: understanding how your car's transmission should work and offering products that realize their vision of a powerful automobile. The company offers you a line of products specifically made and extensively tested for the enhancement of your car's transmission. This includes the B&M transmission assembly.

In general, a transmission assembly is directly connected to the rear of your engine. It directs the energy from the engine to the drive shaft and, finally, to the wheels. Except in front-wheel drives, the transmission assembly is usually placed underneath the center portion of the vehicle. In the case of the exception, the mechanism is engineered to be a part of the transaxle assembly which is found underneath the engine at the rear area. The transaxle assembly is named as such as it incorporates a differential which is not applicable to front-wheel drive set-ups.

It is through tried-and-tested systems like the B&M transmission assembly that your engine is capable of smoothly operating at its narrow range of speeds. This seamlessly integrated transmission mechanism also provides a wide range of speed outputs. To achieve the various gear ratios as you deem necessary, it locks and unlocks different sets of gears to the output shaft. More often than not, a transmission trouble is caused by an engine problem. This means that you have to inspect the condition of your engine system before you diagnose a probable transmission problem. The information that you end up with after a transmission check-up may be incorrect if your car engine's performance is faulty in the first place.

If you choose to get the automotive products you need through online shopping, acquiring those parts for your ride can be significantly easy and convenient compared to a trip to the auto shop. There is a huge number of web stores, though, so choosing where to get the right B&M transmission assembly can be hard. Not if you know Parts Train, where you can enjoy a convenient and safe online shopping. Browse though our comprehensive online catalog, and discover how we can help you.