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The clutches of automobiles with manual transmission set-ups are used to let engines continue their operation even as wheels and gears are stopped. As alternative for clutches, power-transmitting turbines like the B&M torque converter are used by vehicles with automatic power transmission. The amount of torque generated through this converter is very small when the engine isn't running on its full power or when it's idling. To keep the vehicle from moving in this instance, you only need to press lightly on the brake. Stepping hard on the gas pedal in a situation like this triggers the engine to pump more fluid than necessary into the torque converter. This fluid prompts the transmission of a considerable force to the wheels, so your car speeds up.

A torque converter consists of several components that enable it to function effectively; these include a pump, a turbine, and a stator. Among these parts, the stator improves torque output by delivering the transmission fluid to the impeller in the same rotational direction as the engine. Its pump, meanwhile, is similar to a centrifugal pump attached to the converter's housing. The turbine, on the other hand, is linked to the transmission and makes it spin. The transmission fluid passes through these parts. However, it is only when the fluid reaches the blades of the turbine that the whole transmission system is activated. A housing bolted to the flywheel encloses these torque converter components, so they operate in a very integrated manner.

The B&M torque converter comes in three types depending on its application. It may be a racing converter, a street converter, or and traveler converter. Each of these has distinct characteristics that set it apart from the others. For example, the racing converter contains ground-heated precision alloy steel impeller hub and super duty bearings between its stator and impeller. These components help the converter to deliver the right amount of torque from the engine to the wheels.

To fully understand the significance of a torque converter, you have to take note of the facts cited above. If this part malfunctions, you must inspect its components and find necessary replacements when needed. Parts Train has the B&M torque converter that can make a significant improvement in your vehicle's transmission. Check out more B&M products by browsing through our extensive online catalog.