B&M Short Shifter & Accessories

Driving your car is a breeze if it is equipped with devices that boost power and speed. Adding performance parts such as short shifters to your car can make a lot of difference on the road. One of the well-known manufacturers of short shifters is B&M, which is trusted by many racing enthusiasts for over 50 years. Do you want a performance upgrade for your car? Then get a B&M short shifter!

This short shifter is designed to lessen the distance of your hand movement when you change gears on your car's transmission. It results in a shorter time spent on shifting from one gear to another, as well as an improved vehicle performance. A short shifter is not just a shorter version of a stock shifter, contrary to what many people believe. In fact, reducing the height of a stock shifter does not affect the angle that the shifter travels through between gears. A chopped-off stock shifter is incapable of reducing its angular throw, as opposed to a short shifter.

How does a properly-functioning short shifter reduce shift throw? The short shifter lessens the angle that the shifter shaft rows through between gears. As a result, the distance between your hand movements is shortened as well. Better response time is another benefit you can get from a short shifter. Moreover, the B&M short shifter can create a sporty look and feel for your shifter. Although the short shifter is shorter than your car's stock shifter, your vehicle's transmission remains fully engaged. This is because the main pivot point or the fulcrum of the shifter lever is strategically positioned—the short shifter's lower section is longer than that of the stock shifter.

The B&M short shifter is a smart choice for a smooth and precise automobile control. It comes in a direct, bolt-on, self-contained unit, including an easy-to-follow installation guide. With the right tools, mounting the short shifter can be done in just a matter of minutes. B&M short shifters are available here at Parts Train. Check out our online catalog now. See for yourself the amazing offers in store for you.