B&M Shifter & Accessories

Suppose you're having trouble shifting gears. This situation poses several problems. From a faulty gear box to a misaligned transmission, several things can go wrong. It can also be as simple as replacing your shifter. Shifters, also called gear sticks, are metal sticks that allow you to shift gears. And if you are looking for a quality replacement shifter, we recommend getting a B&M shifter to solve your transmission problem.

B&M is a company that devotes itself to developing efficient and fast transmission systems for racing vehicles. With more than 50 years under its belt, B&M is the leader in racing transmission innovation. One of the company's achievements is using Hydramatic transmission in racing cars. Another is developing B&M shifters that work with those kinds of transmission system. The company has also come out with transmission improvement kits, addressing car enthusiasts' need for speed. And there's no indication that the company is going to stop. As long as there's the need to go faster, B&M continues taking racing transmissions even further.

B&M is also entrusted by several car manufacturers to develop their racing transmission systems. Among its list of clients are Chevrolet, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Ford, Plymouth, Dodge, AMC, and Ferrari. This clearly shows the respect and recognition that the automotive industry has awarded to B&M's pioneering research and development. This also supports B&M's claim to be the world leader in the development and enhancement of racing transmission systems.

Given all of B&M's achievements, choosing B&M as your shifter of choice is a no-brainer. Additionally, B&M shifters are specialized to work with a particular car model, ensuring fit and compatibility. And should you be in the rare situation where you can't find your car model, B&M also have universal shifters that should fit in any vehicle. All it takes is a little modification and you're all set. We have these parts here at Parts Train. Just indicate your car's year and model and to find the right B&M shifter for you. Order now online or call us on our toll-free number to start enjoying smooth gear-shifting with the B&M shifter.