B&M Shift Knob & Accessories

Simply put, a B&M shift knob is the handle of the automobile shift lever. It allows the driver to comfortably control the transmission gear shifter of the automobile. Generally, a shift knob has a built-in rubber layer that prevents the hand from slipping when the shift lever is adjusted. However, unlike other typical knobs, the shift knob is not intended to be turned. The shift knob is just a round handle that fits the closed palm of the driver, which helps the driver control the gear shift with ease.

Although the shift lever can be adjusted without the shift knob, it may be uncomfortably difficult. This is because the shaft of shift lever is too slim to be conveniently handled. Furthermore, the tip of the shift lever is hard and pointed. Thus, it cannot be used without causing pain and even minor injuries. Though the B&M shift knob is built with the thought of comfort and practicality in mind, B&M manufacturers also designed these knobs stylishly. Who says a simple part such as a shift knob cannot be an aesthetic component?

The basic type of a B&M shift knob is sphere-shaped with a rubber cover, but it has different styles and shapes. Some shift knobs are shaped like eggs, while others are shaped like inverted cones with rounded bases. Also, there are shift knobs that do not have any rubber cover layers. On the other hand, other shift knobs are constructed from hard rubber material with a metal core that has an internal/female screw thread. The female screw thread secures the shift knob with the external/male thread of the shift gear.

To replace the shift knob, it simply has to be unscrewed from the shift lever. Hence, the shift knob is very easy to replace and customize. Wide varieties of standard and decorative shift knobs, as well as other components, can be easily purchased here at Parts Train—and at very affordable prices at that. You do not need to go anywhere else just to find the best B&M shift knob replacement. Shop with us to get every penny's worth.