B&M Line Lock & Accessories

The line lock is a component that is not known by many. It is actually a solenoid that locks up the front brakes so you are able to do a brake stand and warm up the tires. The valve controlled by the line lock is normally open and allows fluid to pass through to the front brakes as usual. When the front brakes are applied and solenoid is activated however, the valve closes to trap the fluid in the front brakes and keep them applied until the release of control. The front brakes will stay on as long as you hold the little button. The line lock is also useful in preventing the vehicle from taking off of starting line too early and can also serve as a hill brake.

After pressing the brake pedal and holding the roll control snap-action switch down, removing your foot from the pedal will make the solenoid maintain the line pressure to the front brakes until the switch is released. Now heating the rear tires in the burnout box will be easy and the wear and tear on your car's rear brakes components will be prevented. Optionally, you may even use the system to minimize a manual-trans car from rolling out of the staging beams at the starting line. Also, the brake control kit helps keep your vehicle out of the staging lights just before you get ready for launching.

If you have done a burn out, you will more likely appreciate the benefits that line lock offers. Controlling the front brakes with the use of a button will not only make life easier with the rear brakes, but more so will make controlling the car much simpler. Adding the line lock in most cases creates a lot of difference. Parts Train offers B&M line of products including the B&M line lock. Improving your car brakes is definitely a good decision that's why we suggest you get the best line lock we have for you.