B&M Flexplate & Accessories

Different car models actually use different types of flywheels. In fact, there are some which uses a more modest design. And this design is what you called the flexplate. Flexplate is a flywheel that converts torque which has no ring gear. It is a part of an automatic transmission or the transaxle that is like a stamped steel disc having a rear gear found on the outer edge used as engagement with the starter's pinion gear. One perfect brand for flexplate is B&M. This torque converter does have a ring gear.

Basically, the B&M flexplate is attached at the engine's crankshaft that serves as a mounting panel for the torque converter. By this arrangement, the flexplate transmits the engine torque to the housing of the torque converter, the end wherein the pinion of the starter motor engages or when the cranking of the engine occurs along the side of the ring gear. Even if the flexplate is designed much lighter, still this does not help in smoothing out the power pulses from the engine just like what the flywheel does in a manual transmission vehicle. But vehicles with automatic transmission actually convert the torque in a smooth manner.

What is good about the B&M flexplate is it does not require a regular maintenance. But even if regular maintenance is not really needed, you also have to make sure that it is always in good condition. Once you diagnose that it is bad, of course you must provide your transmission a new set of flexplate. But do not worry because finding your needed car parts and accessories is no longer difficult. You are actually at the right place. Parts Train is a trusted provider of top-quality parts and accessories and B&M flexplate is just among our products.