B&M Engine Oil Cooler & Accessories

The device that eliminates excess heat from the engine oil and transports this heat to the engine's cooling system is called the engine oil cooler. It is found outside the diesel engine and must be repaired every oil change or whenever the cooling system is maintained. But there will come a time that the coolant passages are blocked, and the only way you can restore it is to remove the oil cooler for cleaning purposes. Replacement of o-rings and cleaning the water passages is what you really need.

The engine oil cooler is really helpful for in cold weather, this device can be used as oil heater. But its main purpose is really important for it helps the engine coolant to absorb and transfer heat away from the lube oil. From the engine, these copper tubes separate the engine oil and the coolant. And every time there is leak, the fluid flows from the side of the oil copper tube with high pressure then to the low pressure side. So this means that both of the fluid's pressure is important once the cooler fail to operate and if there is an internal leak between the oil and coolant side.

And so if there is leak in the oil cooler tube, the pressure on the oil side becomes higher, letting the oil to travel across this leak, to the cooling system and the radiator. So the oil will tend to mix with the coolant, and since the pressure in the cooling system is much higher, this coolant will also travel on the engine's lubrication as well as the oil pan. You can avoid this condition by replacing this worn out engine oil cooler with our new and top quality B&M engine oil cooler. Check out our catalog and you will find the B&M engine oil cooler and other parts and accessories.