B&M Car Parts & Accessories

Even the world's top race cars have long been using B&M performance parts and race products to bring the same assertive stance to achieve superior engine power and performance. For years, their expert engineering and practical performance concepts for enhancements have been feeding car enthusiasts with top of the line transmission system components, fuel regulator and gauges, overhaul kits or hardware, engine oil cooler, and transmission fluids for car maintenance and upgrades. A Company of Firsts, B&G started the idea of developing products to reach the peak efficiency and performance of your ride staring from early 1950's to present.

B&M founders have long been feeding your passion for high performance or street applications with practical solutions to maintenance. Engineered from minimal to full throttle performance, they have designed their auto-parts to meet the demands of your vehicle for better and much improved handling that delivers a top race car stance to whatever type of vehicle you drive. As the one of the very first companies to recognize the significant demand for performance, you are offered with utmost quality and efficiency for every B&M products.

With years of expertise over automotive engineering and engine components and design, the company has made a commitment to deliver performance that has been developed since day one. With the overwhelming present demands for their products, they were made known to the automotive industry for their hot rod automatic transmission, high stall torque converter, aftermarket automatic shifter, and performance enhancing shift kit. With constant developments and refinements done for each of the company's manufactured products, advanced and efficient technology will surely make these products perform under strict technical specifications.

A long list and series of firsts may be accounted to B&M. The tradition continually goes in to provide enthusiasts like you with welcome innovations in identifying and developing you every automotive need. It is not just about plain driving. With B&M, performance is their ultimate business. Get your ride set for an unmatched driving experience. Parts train carries a great selection of B&M performance and racing auto-parts. Click on our online catalog to conveniently locate parts easy and fast.