B&G Coil Over Kit & Accessories

Besides strut, tires and springs, your vehicle's suspension system also needs coil over. The coil over is basically consisted of shock absorber with a coil spring encircling the component. The shock absorber and the spring are pre-assembled as one unit before the installation and replaced as a unit should the shock absorber develop leak. To attain the proper ride height and hardness, there are coil over designs that are made to be adjustable. Because they can be adjusted, the coil over and coil over spring kit are purposively designed to give you the look you desire while keeping the quality ride simultaneously.

Adjustments are allowed anywhere from 0' to 4' depending on the application. You can do the necessary height adjustment by making use of the threaded sleeve that fits over the stock or aftermarket shock and dual locking perch mechanism. You can also do some lowering with your vehicle without changing springs. The threaded body goes to show that the outside of the strut or shock tubes are threaded like a bolt. It is therefore possible to have the up and down movement of the threaded spring perch to fine tune the ride height and optimize the looks and handling. The McPherson strut suspension system originally utilized the coil over. By employing a particular design of anti-roll bar as a longitudinal constraint, this can be distinguished from the other arrangements.

In reality, this marked the beginning of the universal use of the coil over in vehicle suspensions. The term coil over must not be however used as a synonymous word of McPherson strut arrangement nor it should be confused with the struts or shock absorber independently mounted. If coil over kit is listed in your shopping list, Parts Train is the best auto parts and accessories online store you can depend on. We got B&G coil over kit and more B&G parts for your replacement needs. Better yet, check them all by browsing through our easy to use online catalog.