B&G Car Parts & Accessories

As one of the leading providers of top of the line suspension system components, B&G complements your pure passion for driving as they thrive on refining the handling properties of your ride. Everyone who chooses B&M will receive utmost emphasis in performance to unleash your vehicle's peak of performance enhancement as well as powerful engine capacities for high performance applications. Whatever type of vehicle you carry, rewarding your car's suspension with B&G concepts for improvements is never wrong economy. With B&G, it's not just moving forward. It's all about the drive.

Backed by years of expertise in design and engineering, B&G have long been bringing the stance most of the world's top race cars have right at their driveway. Every product they have made available in the market is tested for strength and performance to meet your demands for much better suspension performance. Although car manufacturers have designed your vehicle for comfort and excellent engine response while managing on and off road driving, it needs routine maintenance to keep it running like new. For your maintenance needs, B&G crafted cost effective and heavy duty factory equivalents of performance and suspension parts with long lasting and reliable service.

For quality assurance, product manufacture starts with the type and grade materials selection to be utilized. For automotive spring applications, the company uses high tensile chromium-silicone wire sourced from one of Europe's finest. Approved springs that passes all the quality standards are electrically charged and coated for rust protection and product longevity. They also carry coil over kits and lowering kits to customize the performance of your original car suspension.

B&G quality is directly associated with the advanced and efficient technology involved in product development and engineering. Making use of the old age knowledge in excellently refined iron and steel craftsmanship, they dwell on the principles of sound product design and performance enhancement. As a technical leader for sport suspensions, they make sure that the products perform accordingly with the technical specifications. Parts Train recognizes the innovative and cost effective suspension maintenance and upgrades offered by B&G. We carry a good selection for B&G products to cater to your general automotive needs.