Autotecnica Trim Kit & Accessories

Installing the Autotecnica trim kit can update your vehicle's interior. Dressing up your vehicle's interior with Autotecnica style and concept will give your vehicle an aggressive sporty look. Basically, the trim kit is made of brushed aluminum and replaces removable trim panels. With trim kit, it is just too easy to achieve a total changeover. This is basically made to fit coupes and convertibles. The Autotecnica trim kit is a decorative interior trim that can be installed on top of your stock factory plastic pieces such as center consoles, door trims, speedometer surround, overhead console and a lot more. It can become the most prominent feature in your vehicle's interior, hence it is a good way to personalize and customize your adored vehicle.

Four types of trim kits can be found in market today. One of them is the famous genuine wood finish featuring premium pieces laser-cut from stately blocks of elegant rosewood, burned walnut, shimmering maple and many more. This is carefully finished to color protection and topped with deep laminate layers for a timeless limited edition look. Another type is the factory finish which is made only for selected vehicles and matches the skimpy portion of grain or burl. Simulated is also a good option to complement your dash to perfection. This begins with some of the deepest, richest wood grain, carbon fiber and brushed metal paints. This is available in low-profile flat dash kit designs or sensual molded versions.

The specialty finish is the last type which is made form genuine carbon weave to dazzling Kevlar and glass patterns. This is laser-cut precision and fit as tight as an IRL racer in the corners. Jus like the other types, specialty finish is installed using high-tech 3M adhesive. Whatever type of car you have, Autotecnica trim kit is available for you. Parts Train can help you get the best kit for your vehicle if you browse through our extensive online catalog. We suggest you do it now!