Autotecnica Speaker Cover & Accessories

Most automobiles nowadays have built-in entertainment systems that are comprised of radios, CD or tape players, and speakers. The entertainment system plays a big part in keeping you and your passengers from dying out of boredom, especially during long trips. Imagine yourself in your car during a long, tedious drive. You turn on the radio and luckily, your favorite song comes on. However, your speakers are not in their best shape and were last cleaned in, well, never. So the sound the radio produces is somewhat muffled and the song sounds like it's coming out of a very old radio submerged in water. Annoying, isn't it? Fortunately, an Autotecnica speaker cover can help prevent this irritating scenario.

Generally, the main component of a speaker is made of paper. Hence, it is very delicate and requires a certain amount of protection. In most automobile designs, speakers are located on strategic places around the automobile cabin to create stereo surround sound. The speakers' positions subject them to elements that can eventually cause premature wear and tear, such as dust and other kinds of dirt. An Autotecnica speaker cover shields the speaker from these unwanted elements.

Furthermore, Autotecnica speaker covers do not only protect; they likewise function as aesthetic enhancements for the car's interior. An Autotecnica speaker cover blends well with the vehicle's interior furnishings, complementing rather than diminishing its flawless design. These speaker covers come in different colors to cater to different tastes. Also, there are different speaker covers for different car models to ensure an easy installation.

Basically, a speaker cover is a metal wire mesh that is circular in shape. It is directly screwed into the speaker case on the interior cabin panel. Rather than replace speakers ruined by dust and dirt—which is definitely more expensive—you can just clean or replace the speaker covers every once in a while instead. There are online stores that specialize in selling entertainment system components, but there is no need to search for a specialized online auto part store for speaker covers. Parts Train is a one-stop online store that offers the widest aftermarket product options, including speaker cover replacements. Our site has the widest choice when it comes to stylish and durable Autotecnica Speaker Cover replacements.