Autotecnica Pillar Cover & Accessories

Autotecnica has been in the automobile industry for several years now. And among their famous products that provides an added enhancement is the Autotecnica pillar cover. The pillar is one of the components found in your vehicle, and this cover works for protecting such at the same time adding style. The Autotecnica pillar cover is made from ABS grade automotive chrome and which is tinted to flawlessly match with the OEM chrome material that was already used by your car. Chrome is also chosen by the industry since it is proven to be durable. It is also proven to withstand different weather conditions.

When it comes to installation, there is nothing to worry since Autotecnica engineers made the installation process so simple too. It only requires a simple adhesive tape that is already included in the package for you to have it installed. You will not need any cutting, and drilling. Its design is also meticulously engineered in order to meet the requirements as well as the specification of the pillar letting you achieve a professional look that is fitted perfectly.

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