Autotecnica Mirror Cover & Accessories

Your vehicle's mirror gives a sight from the outside view, from the inside to the rear part, or from the inside. It also guides you accurately to safely park your vehicle. But mirrors are composed of fragile parts that can be easily damaged due to constant exposure to light and heat. Also, mirrors can be easily damaged if accidents occur. Well, there is no need to fret for that matter because Autotecnica have developed a mirror cover that would offer the best possible protection to your car's mirror.

Without mirror cover, your mirror will be damaged because of the extreme heat and too much light. You must ensure however that your mirror cover is made from high quality materials and does not reflect light and heat waves because it will fog out your lenses and affect the quality of your mirrors. And the lenses of the mirror are very fragile and it must be always protected. Autotecnnica mirror cover is designed to resist any weather condition and guarantee a continuous operation of your car's mirror.

Autotecnnica mirror cover is made of high quality materials and made from automotive grade ABS chrome. Autotecnnica mirror covers are sold in pairs and the installation is a snap. It only requires a pre-applied 3M tape and it is now ready to give protection to the mirror. Mirror covers are available in materials that are non-heated. As they reflect light, they also function as your car's side markers. Aside from task that it performs, they also contribute to the look of your car. Mirror cover is no doubt a great part in your car for it delivers protection and style. Check our online catalog and you can find out more about Autotecnica mirror cover that will be perfect for your car.