Autotecnica Fuel Door & Accessories

An Autotecnica fuel door refers to the protective cover of the fuel refill plug. It is also known as the gas door cover. Basically, this auto part does not necessarily prevent the fuel from spilling but simply covers the fuel tank plug. Found on the side of an automobile, the Autotecnica fuel door is a flat, chrome-plated metal structure that can be flipped open to expose the fuel refill plug. It has a spring-loaded hinge that allows it to be conveniently opened and securely closed.

As it is in the majority of its designs, the Autotecnica fuel door does not require a key to be opened. Nonetheless, it has a corresponding latch that allows it to be closed. On the other hand, the fuel tank plug or cap is the one that has a specialized locking mechanism, which requires a key for it to unfasten. Unlike the fuel door, the fuel refill plug or cap does not have a hinge. It is not fixed onto the automobile. It can be removed by unscrewing it.

A fuel cap is a type of threaded plug that can be screwed or unscrewed from the fuel tank. However, aesthetically speaking, the fuel cap is quite unattractive. As it is submerged into the automobile panel, a large hole can be conspicuously seen when it is detached. This is where the fuel door comes in—or rather, covers up. The Autotecnica fuel door basically conceals this seemingly unattractive hole. To some extent, it also protects the fuel tank cap, preventing it from the accumulation of rain water and dirt.

Depending on the automobile type or model, there are different designs of fuel doors that you can purchase here at Parts Train. However, the most common type of fuel door is the chrome-plated, flat type. On the other hand, there are some automobile models that feature fuel doors that have the same finish as the rest of the automobile panels. In this manner, the exterior panels of the automobile is more visually integrated. Why go anywhere else if you are looking for stylish and durable Autotecnica fuel door replacements? Parts Train is the most convenient store where you can do your shopping.