Autotecnica Door Handle Cover & Accessories

The door handle is used to open and close your vehicle's doors. They can be found on the interior and exterior side of the doors. The one of the exterior is pulled to open the vehicle door while the one located on the interior is utilized to release the door latch before pushing the door to let the vehicle occupant exit the vehicle. Though it is the least complicated part of your vehicle, it is still considered as an essential part since it makes the entry and exit of the vehicle with ease and comfort.

The door handle however stands up to the stress and wear of being constantly used. It is a tough component enduring the intense heat of the sun and the frigid wind, and snow. One way to lessen its stress is to employ a door handle cover. Autotecnica door handle cover is especially designed to protect your vehicle's door handle from the cruel weather and also from scratches that are usually caused by keys, fingernail, rings, and other elements that come in contact with your door handle. It comes with a chrome coating that improves the looks of your vehicle particularly the door.

Autotecnica door handle cover is meticulously made to deliver an elegant sporty look for your vehicle. There are various door handle cover designs that you can choose from so you won't run out of choices. Installation of door handle cover is just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is clean the surface of your door handle, remove the pre-applied 3M adhesive tape cover and press the new handle on it. Majority of door handle covers are made with automotive-grade ABS so they can be protected against corrosion. Thus they will be spared from the constant abuse of driver and vehicle occupants for many years.