Autotecnica Dash Trim & Accessories

The dash kit or dash trim is one of the many easy-to-install and affordable add-ons available for a vehicle's interior. This is a styling accessory that can be attached to on the vehicles' dashboard for the purpose of freshening up its appearance or to make it appear just the way you want it. Dash kit comes in various styles, but in general, dash kit can only be classified into two. They are the flash dash kit and the formed dash kit.

In this modern time, there are many dash kits that thrive in the market, both local and online. You will be glad to hear that dash kits do come in different dash trims and colors. They are also affordable. So there is no need for you to worry about the budget. Some of them are designed to cover sharper contoured areas such as the dashboard corners and the angles of large trucks and SUVs. However, these types of dashes are a little more expensive and are usually sold with a limited lifetime warranty. The flat and molded dash kits are both available in various styles and trims. The wood, carbon fiber and aluminum dashes are the ones popular and commonly used today.

Also available in the market these days are minor trims that are equally stylish. These include the chrome, stainless steel, Kevlar, and glass weave wood dash trims. And because there are a number of dash kits and trim designs available to freshen up the interior look of your vehicle, choosing the best may be hard for you. Parts train suggests that you try the one from Autotecnica – the Autotecnica dash trim. Find more other exciting accessories intended for the interior of your car. We have a wide selection of auto parts and accessories for all vehicle owners. Discover them by browsing through our extensive online catalog.