Autotecnica Bumper Guard & Accessories

Vehicle bumpers are both for functional and safety features. They are indispensable to vehicles most especially. They are made of heavy sheet metal and are mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle. They are to absorb a fraction of the impact during a collision and they are bended and formed into various shapes. The impact when reduced will likewise decrease the damage to the car as well as its occupants. Having a superior and stylish bumper is cool. You too for sure have noticed that others seem to eye on a vehicle with a good bumper.

Bumpers have special energy absorbers and are mounted to the vehicle's chassis and are oftentimes spring loaded. In slow speed collisions, the spring allows the bumper to compress and then extend back to its original position. Bumpers absorb the impact through a series of valves and air chambers and thus prevent damage. Aside from doing an important function on your safety, your bumper can also make other riders envy. It is also a great medium for vehicle customization. It makes your vehicle look great and aggressive. Accessorize your bumper more and it would mean serious intimidation.

Yes, your bumper can even become more superior and functional when it is equipped with Autotecnica bumper guard. It is believed that most bumper and door scratches are sustained during parking. Hence, installing a bumper guard is definitely a useful way to prevent bumper scratches. It serves as your first line of defense against unwanted damages that possibly attack your vehicle's front end plus it provides added appeal to your bumper. Parts Train has something for you to keep your front end, amazingly pleasant and handsome. Autotecnica bumper guard is the solution and we recommend you grab one from us now. Get protected and you will be glad seeing your car damage-free!