Autometer Transmission Temperature Gauge & Accessories

Trying to know everything about your automatic transmission is a good idea for it can help you analyze its condition before failure occurs. Temperature is most likely to damage its condition, so it is important to monitor it. But how can you possibly do this? Well, the only means of monitoring the transmission's temperature is through the aid of the Autometer transmission temperature gauge. It is available in analog or digital. Both of its design uses a sophisticated microprocessor technology for an accurate reading. The design also ensures ease in reading the temperature with a standard recall button that allows an instant reset able display of the highest temperature that was recorded. It comes in a standard red display, but it could also come in amber, blue, and green display.

But where can you find this gauge? For a Full Pillar Gauge Pod, it is located over the stock A-pillar which is made with paintable and UV-resistant materials. You will notice that this temperature gauge is installed flawlessly while working with the transmission's fluid temperature. Actually, installing this Autometer Transmission temperature gauge is really easy. Its 5 cables with 12V+ ignition, ground, and the signal lead that is wired into the temperature sender are used to operate the gauge whereas the 12V+ and ground runs through the headlight switch to illuminate the gauge.

The Autometer transmission temperature gauge being the device that visualizes the indicated temperature in the transmission is really important. And since the transmission does not cool properly, this system then is considered as the weakest part of the vehicle. So it is important to keep an eye on your vehicle's transmission while using this gauge. To help you find this Autometer transmission temperature gauge for your vehicle, Parts Train can provide you with its wide array of car parts and accessories that are exactly right for your car.