Autometer Temperature Sender & Accessories

The Autometer temperature sender is found in the engine's coolant that works in changing the resistance relative to the temperature. The voltage signal is sent to the gauge or the lamp with the aid of this device. This temperature sender also allows you to choose the right temperature range that will match exactly the gauge as well as choosing the size of the thread you want to use.

There are different designs of temperature sender available in the market today. The temperature sender with warning contact is composed of twofold terminal that allows the sender to function not only with the gauge but with the warning light as well. But the single station sender is considered much more sufficient with automotive applications. When installing a pressure or temperature sender, never try to use a sealant including the plumbers' pipe dope and the Teflon tape. With such, the sender could not properly ground itself to the engine causing to display a high temperature or low pressure. Yet, the floating ground senders with second terminal could use this sealant.

The designs of the temperature sender also vary with the thread size. In case that you are not certain what thread size to use with your vehicle, the 1/8' NPT sender in standard or metric is advisable. Checking the reference source for your vehicle model through the internet, the service manual, as well as the local dealer for your type of vehicle could actually help you a lot in finding the appropriate size of thread for your vehicle model. But if it troubles you finding the right sender size for your car, Parts Train would be glad to help you work it out. Our Autometer temperature sender has a variety of thread size that will surely fit in your vehicle.