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Tachometer like the Autometer tachometer is a device found in your vehicle that measures the speed of the engine or the rotation of a shaft or disc. It is done by measuring the spark rate of the ignition system through the revolution per minute (RPM). With the calibrated analog dial up, the rate of the revolutions per minute is actually displayed, but with the digital, the display is increasingly common. The first tachometer that was used involves measuring the centrifugal force. This device was actually introduce in 1817 and was used in measuring the speed of machines. And it was in 1840s when this tachometer was used in locomotives.

Recent tachometer designs use a pulse from the low tension side of the ignition coil. The speed of the engine is determined through the frequency of the output of the alternator tachometer. This alternator tachometer is a circuit found inside the alternator that converts the rectified sine wave to square wave. Whereas the modern tachometer design is different for it is driven directly to the ECU. The tachometer is really an advantage for it also works in assisting the driver in choosing the right throttle and gear settings. But compared to automatic transmission, this tachometer is much useful for manual transmission. This device uses a marking that indicates a safe range of speed from which the engine may operate with.

Maintaining high speed while in use actually causes excessive wearing and damage to engine. With manual tachometer, the maximum speed that is used is indicated by the area of the gauge that is marked in red. But this maximum speed is unnecessary with modern cars because its speed is electronically controlled to prevent occurrence of damage. Now, if you want to consider purchasing a new tachometer for you vehicle, Autometer is the name that you should trust. Parts Train catalog can give you the complete information you need upon purchase.