Autometer Speedometer & Accessories

Because Autometer is a well known brand for auto gauges, all of its products have been proven to be superior as compared to their OEM counterparts or other aftermarket products. If you are wondering, you've got to try the Autometer speedometer that is ultra light series light weight with white illumination around dial and includes red and green bulb covers for customized look in dash electric speedometer. There are a couple of choices with Autometer alone. One of them is the Autometer C2 speedometer which features a translucent white dial, intense blue LED lighting and illuminated red pointer to achieve a futuristic new look. It also has a resettable trip odometer perfect for gauging long trips.

You can also have the Autometer cobalt speedometer which features a black dial face, anodized bezel, white numbering, and blue accents. The best thing about the blue LED lighting is that it offers a striking new look. Plus, its pointer provides clean contrast and visibility. Another option is the Autometer carbon speedometer which highlights actual carbon fiber dial face, stylish aluminum pointer and super bezel that brings out the ultimate performance look. With phosphor bronze borudon tube design and nylon gears ensure accurate readings under racing's demanding conditions.

The unique design of Autometer lunar speedometer is also eye-catching. It works perfect for gauging long trips with the use of bright and visible LCD odometer. Basically, lunar speedometers have an easy to use push button calibration that can be set at the same time while driving recalibration after tire or gear changes. More options are to surprise your eyes as you go around auto parts stores. There you may also find Autometer phantom speedometer that features high performance movements and designed with seamless dashboard mount in mind for the ultimate driver information center. Bottom line, Autometer got all you need with speedometer. Parts Train is an online store that offers Autometer speedometer for all types of vehicles. So grab it only from us.