Autometer Shift Light & Accessories

The Autometer shift light is a warning lamp fitted to racing cars. Its purpose is to indicate to the driver that the maximum rpm has been reached. The shift lamp ideally will illuminate at the engine speed that delivers the maximum BHP since to accelerate the engine beyond this point is not conducive to rapid acceleration. Using the shift light will allow the driver to judge the exact point that a gear change should be carried out without having to eye on the tachometer. While keeping your eyes straight to the road, you will know the best time to gear up.

Autometer is definitely a good brand if you are in search of a shift light. It lights up when it's time to shift to the next gear. Note that even a few rpms can create a big difference in the amount of peak horsepower being transmitted to the wheels which means improvement in your accelerating power. Professional racers are aware that a missed shift can mean lost seconds or even worse than that – damage in the engine. Now the Autometer shift lamp takes the guesswork out of shifting. No wonder almost all top racers around the world consider Autometer as the genuine deal and their choice.

Consider the 5340 that works with high accuracy, custom rmp modules that can be purchased separately and works on 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engines. It can be dash or tach mounted and uses a special amber lens so you will not miss a shift. Also featured in the Autometer pro-shift lite is an easy change wedge-base bulb and self-test feature that flashes the light when powered on. Parts Train has a wide selection of Autometer parts including the Autometer shift light. Whether you are looking for OEM parts or aftermarket products, we guarantee to give you what you need.