Autometer Pyrometer Gauge & Accessories

Every turbocharged diesel engine must have a pyrometer gauge. This is a must have component that allows you to constantly monitor the engine's safe zone of operation. The monitoring of the exhaust temperatures is effectively done with the use of a probe inserted into the exhaust flow. This probe can be mounted in two ways that is either pre-turbo or post-turbo, although ore-turbo is most recommended by PDR for all probe tips. The normal working levels for pre-turbo range from 300 degrees F to 1200 degrees F. Temperatures higher than this range is reachable for every short time, say 10 to 20 seconds or engine damage can result.

The turbo life expectancy is an area of pyro that can help you save bucks. Yes, you can dramatically stretch the lifespan of your turbo by allowing your pyro cool to 300 degrees F before you shut down your rig down. Both the pyrometer and boost gauges are amazing diagnostic tools. Your ability to read and interpret your EGT and boost readings will help you when a trouble comes out unexpectedly. Plus, having an instant indication will help you to take prompt steps to minimize possible damage and expensive repairs. Low boost and running high pyrometer gauge can lead to boost leak. Just the same, if the boost and pyrometer are low and you seem to have less than normal power, expect a fuel delivery problem.

If your Pyrometer gauge has been damaged lately, replace it right away with Autometer pyrometer gauge available here at Parts Train. A typical pyrometer gauge from Autometer comes in sport comp series, white illumination around dial and includes red and green bulb cover for customized look. To see more Autometer products, we invite you to go through our easy to use online catalog. You'll be surely glad to see them all!