Autometer Pressure Sender & Accessories

Your car may have been equipped with top quality components. But mind you, time will come that these components will wear out and will not serve their function effectively. One of the commonly replaced car components is the pressure sender. And one of the trusted names when it comes to quality replacement parts is Autometer. Autometer pressure sender will be your best replacement once your stock pressure sender cease to function.

The pressure sender can be found on the right side of the engine above the oil filter. It is a spring-loaded device that works hydraulically or electrically. It is connected to the remote gauge. This sender is composed of two electrical wires, each with different functions. One of these wires should be grounded and be connected to the mounting strap or to the frame because of the measuring resistance to the ground. But for vehicles with twist-lock design, the other wire may not need groundings. Yet, the ground that is used is connected to the twist lock which is found on top of the tank.

For some that uses a fuel cell that is made of plastic or fiberglass, the ground wire needs to run with the frame in order to attain resistance as well as the fuel level readings. This ground wire is required since the twist lock is mounted in a plastic or fiberglass. This ground is also important to activate the gauge.The other wire that is found is called the sender wire that is used to send the signal from the sender, to the dash, and the gauge as well. The function of the sender is really important if you want your gauge to have an appropriate reading. Damaged sender including its wires should be check immediately. Replacement should be considered once damage is diagnosed. Visit us for your replacement needs.