Autometer Pressure Hose & Accessories

The Autometer pressure hose is a specially reinforced high pressure hose from where the pressurized fluid flows. This pressure hose is composed of several layers of the reinforcing plies in which has reinforcing fibers that are laid and in spiral form. This Autometer pressure hose offers durability, reliability, and safety. Its design ensures a super flexible material to withstand high pressure and high temperature to satisfy every customer's demand in any applications.

The vehicle is actually composed of several hoses that allow fluid to flow through the entire system. One of the most common pressure hose in your vehicle is the one used with the fuel. This is actually called the fuel pressure hose. Hose is prone to leaks since it is common for hose to experience breakage. And there are some hose which uses a material that is very sensitive with high temperature and high pressure causing them to fail early. But don't worry because you can definitely replace such with the toughest Autometer pressure hose.

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