Autometer Performance Meter & Accessories

If you need to find out how your vehicle is performing, nothing comes close to the accuracy offered by Autometer performance meter. Basically, you just stick it to your dashboard or windshield and enter a few initial set up numbers, and you are now ready to roll. This performance meter is a cutting edge tuning tool designed to make a professional driver out of you. It measures all the performance characteristics of your vehicle in just a matter of minutes with absolutely no installation wiring. It will give you all the answers which you always wanted.

This device has an ultra bright fluorescent lighted display. This meter also records with amazing accuracy and displays lateral G forces, forward and stopping G forces. The meter also calculates maximum speeds, ¼ mile times and speed and of course, the horsepower numbers. This performance meter also measures braking distances and times as well as permit you to compare cornering forces, tire pressures and sway bar performances. The huge advantage of Autometer performance meter over the rest is the ease of use wherein it automatically calibrates itself in order to decrease input errors that are commonly associated with other performance meters in the market.

Autometer is fully committed in bringing innovations to your vehicle tuning and take an active roll in drive-street, sport compact, street/strip, drag and oval tack racing. Autometer performanace meter responds fast, and resists vibration. Since Autometer's early beginnings, they have devoted a tremendous amount of time and resources in maintaining a strong leadership role and have always provided innovative, useful instruments for all classes of racing. It always adheres to its mission in manufacturing the best instruments in the automotive aftermarket. It also ensures its customers that they can always rely on the products they produce.