Autometer Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

For your vehicle to run at its best, it needs an efficient oxygen sensor like the Autometer oxygen sensor. It is the measuring probe in knowing the quantity of oxygen in your vehicle's exhaust and it is mounted inside your exhaust pipe. It continuously monitors the exhaust gases and commands the engine to adjust its air/fuel mixture and the gasoline combustion is complete. This will minimize the harmful emissions and at the same time improve engine performance and fuel efficiency.

As such, oxygen sensors can easily determine the presence of rich and lean mixtures. Most oxygen sensors also contain a mechanism that produces a chemical reaction that produces voltage. Knowing the amount of voltage present is essential in determining whether the mixture is lean or rich. A wrong fuel/air ratio can increase the release of pollutants from your engine. It is also one of the factors why catalytic converters and engine get damaged. This is the reason why oxygen sensors are necessary in every vehicle. But just like other vehicle components, oxygen sensors also experience wear and tear. A malfunctioning oxygen sensor prevents the engine computer from reading the correct air/fuel ratio.

Oxygen sensor failure might be hard to detect but do check if your engine shows lack of power, minimal response, and a drop on fuel economy. To be certain, have it inspected by a professional mechanic if it needs repairs or replacements. You can easily get hold of replacement oxygen sensors everywhere, from your local dealer to online auto parts stores. Actually, you are at the right place. We are America's most trusted online auto parts providers for we only provide our consumers nothing but the best and the finest auto replacement parts. For your oxygen sensor needs, we will provide you the Autometer oxygen sensor.