Autometer Oil Temperature Gauge & Accessories

If you think that trouble with the oil is not common, well you are wrong. Many drivers are complaining about this problem. Oil break down occurs, stopping it to serve its function especially when its temperature becomes too hot. You would not know how hot this temperature is unless you have the gauges will monitor and observe its temperature. Well that is exactly how this Autometer oil temperature gauge works for you.

However, once this temperature gauges is not functioning well or does not provide you with the accurate reading, probably there is something wrong with the gauge or the sender perhaps. This sender is the device that sends the level of temperature to the gauge. This device is also referred as the sending unit or the sensor unit. Its location actually varies with the engine designs. Sometimes, there is a tendency that this sender and the gauge are not compatible. For instance, if the temperature shows hot with a cold engine, and the temperature decreases once the engine get warms, this simply means there is incompatibility. But how can you analyze if the trouble is with the sender or the gauge itself.

Conducting some test could actually help you, but of course a professional mechanic should do it to prevent yourself from getting mistakes. There are also some important factors that must be considered when conducting this test. So it would be better if a professional mechanic will do it for you. And if it indicates that you need replacement, Autometer oil temperature gauge could be your best replacement. This gauge is available in analog and digital and both are chrome plated for it to look best. Using this gauge is really an advantage. By simply replacing your oil filler cap with this gauge, you can have access to your engine's oil temperature instantly. Check out our catalog for the complete list of Autometer products.