Autometer Ignition Control System & Accessories

There are various types of the ignition system found in your vehicle. Most of these systems can be classified into three groups: conventional breaker point type ignition systems, electronic ignition systems and the distributorless ignition system. The ignition system must be able to perform its two primary functions. Its first function is to control the spark and the timing of the spark plug firing to match the different needs of the engine. It must also increase the voltage of the battery so it can endure the resistance offered by the spark plug gap and fire the plug.

The ignition control system is divided into two electrical circuits—the primary and the secondary circuits. The primary circuit carries low voltage. This circuit only operates when it is controlled by the breaker points and the ignition switch. Meanwhile, the secondary circuit is where the high tension current is found which is set by the distributor then moves through to reach the spark plug. It consists of the secondary windings in the coil, the high tension lead between the distributor and the coil on external coil distributors, distributor cap, distributor rotor, spark plug leads and the spark plugs.

If your vehicle is equipped with a high performance ignition system, an Autometer ignition control system is a great addition. It employs the latest and most advanced technology in manufacturing ignition control systems to provide improved programming. This can be electronic or computer controlled. These two variations would provide high performance functions and would improve the performance of the internal combustion engine of your vehicle. Also, they utilized a set of breaker points that guarantees an accurate on and off switching. You can find the Autometer ignition control system in our easy-to-navigate online catalog.