Autometer Hourmeter & Accessories

Autometer is one of the aftermarket brands that have been known by many riders because of its superior and distinctive automobile gauges such as the amplifier temperature gauge, blow pressure gauge fuel level gauge, fuel pressure gauge, speedometer and many more. For almost 50 years, Autometer has been active in gauge technology. From its humble beginning, this American brand has devotedly utilized its time, effort and resource into keeping a strong leadership role. And Autometer is proud to introduce its new stylish line of Autometer hourmeter.

In the automotive world, the hourmeter is an onboard electronic device that measures the actual run hours of almost unlimited types of equipment such as engines, motors, hydraulic pumps, compressors and the like. Basically, the hourmeter is also responsible for sending runtime information via wireless network to computer, local or remote running the companion management. The three independent inputs namely the keyswitch, drive motor and hydraulic motor are monitored by the hourmeter. It has the so called alert capabilities which tell you of the maintenance needs due like oil change, trans service, tire service. The device comes usually with LED operating status indicators – power on/off, active input, RF connected to local wireless network, and Flashing.

Aside from vehicles, the hourmeter can also be applied to a machine whether stationary or moving. Its featured wireless reporting capability reduces maintenance costs due to less manpower retrieving information from scattered pieces of equipment and more efficient preventive maintenance. If you need an amazing power of hourmeter, get it only from the one superior – Autometer. Parts Train is definitely one of the best auto parts online stores that you can depend on in search for any Autometer products like the Autometer hourmeter. Just stick with us and grab the stuff you need!