Autometer Gauge Pod & Accessories

When talking about automotive gauges and other instruments for racing, Autometer is the best name that offers quality and performance. And among their products is the Autometer gauge pod. The gauge pod is designed in order to maintain the tilt function of the steering column without bringing any damage to the dashboard. The Autometer gauge pod can be installed easily. It is found at the back of the tachometer which utilizes the existing mounting points from the gauge. Installing this pod will also not cause any damage to the tachometer as well as the steering column. This product is made from billet aluminum and an ionized black that was machined perfectly to match with the vehicle's interior.

From these materials, this product definitely won't suffer from warping since they have higher resistance to heat. And with that, this Autometer gauge pod has become much reliable compared to other aftermarket products. Using the Autometer gauge pod also offers an easy viewing for the gauges data. To make the vehicle's interior more hip, this product comes in black. This is also paintable so if you want to replace its existing color, you can do it. But take note, you must first install the gauges to their respective holes before installing this gauge pod. And these holes require to be trimmed permitting the gauge be fit snugly.

Then, you can now remove the pod and positioned it on the gauge mount. If you encounter some trouble when installing it, our customer service hotline can also provide you some answers for your concerns. But do not worry for this Autometer gauge pod you will purchase from Parts train actually includes a manual for complete procedures and guidelines. Furthermore, you can also found here some helpful tips that can help you maintain its working condition.