Autometer Gauge Panel & Accessories

The gauge panel became popular when the gauge system was introduced. This gauge panel is used on the instrument cluster in every vehicle. This panel side is actually the empty round housing mounted with a glass pane. This glass pane is used for viewing the data on the panel itself. Here, you can also find a lighting guide element made of sensitive lighting material. This element provides the lighting from both ends of the lighting guide whereas the tube will absorb and transmit the light that comes from the lighting supply which illuminates the interior of the gauge panel. Controlling this luminance should be done in order to attain a clear signal sign.

The Autometer gauge panel is actually one of the famous gauge panel products available in the market. It comes in a very stylish look that matches the color, texture, and the glossy effect of any vehicle's console. It was designed to look like the ones from the factory. This panel also comes in a snap-in design that makes it so simple and easy to install. It actually requires no adhesive to ensure a solidify look once installed. A good looking gauge panel is actually important to achieve a highly improved interior. Modification nowadays is really common, and replacing your old gauge panel can be your first step in improving your vehicle.

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