Autometer Gauge Mount & Accessories

The Autometer gauge mount is actually an option instead of buying a complete gauge kit. In some case, there are some suppliers that offer the entire product, while here at Parts Train, you can actually have it separately. The different mounting styles we have includes: the Full A-Pillar, Overhead Windshield Mount, and the under Dash (Cubby) Mount. All of these mounts are available in two or three configurations and comes with an extension cable once needed.

A perfect functioning gauge is what you need for this can help you read the operating conditions such as pressure levels and temperature with just a simple glance. Since you have to make sure of getting the exact measure of pressure and temperature, the light should then be set in your comfort. The levels of operations are set to signal warning for safety procedure. The gauge being mounted on a low position should not restrict visual condition. But worry not, for you can actually achieve such ease and comfort when you have already installed this Autometer gauge mount.

Autometer gauge products are truly remarkable when it comes to quality and performance. And that includes the Autometer gauge mount that is designed to fit various vehicle models. Our gauge mount could house the standard of 2-1 1/16' gauges. This is also engineered in the highest level of manufacture to ensure a lasting ability. And if you are looking for a universal mount, we also offer some. So for your gauge mounting needs, the only online store that you must visit is Parts Train. Our Autometer gauge mounts always comes in stock, so you can have it any time you need. So place your order now, and we will deliver it right on time.