Autometer Gauge Adapter & Accessories

The gauge that is installed in your vehicle is essential for an accurate measurement. This includes an air core meter to ensure a maximum accuracy and quicker response, but the electrical gauge series is more accurate. Its full sweep was increase which makes viewing much easier whereas its transducer is also accurate in sending. Another part of the gauge that is installed in turn of the water line that is connected from the rear of the thermostat housing is called the gauge adapter. This water line is actually the one that connects back to the heater core.

The Autometer gauge adapter is one of the finest gauge adapter products available in the market today. Its design includes a threaded hole for use of the temperature sensor. This product also has threaded stud and a nut on it that is used for ground wire purpose. In order for the sensor to function effectively, this adapter should be grounded. But there is one trouble when the sensor is attached in this line; the temperature of the water is higher when the thermostat is closed. But soon as this thermostat opens, the temperature becomes accurate. The difference between the temperatures is approximately 5 degrees of the gauge's temperature.

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