Autometer Fuel Sender & Accessories

The Autometer fuel sender is found beneath the trunk carpet just behind the access panel. This device is a part of the fuel system that informs the data or level of the fuel to the fuel gauge. It also indicates the low fuel indicator when it is time to work. If you want to check the condition of the fuel sender, you have to unplug first the cable that connects it. Here, there are three contacts found. By using an ohm meter, this device is able to determine if the sender is working properly. With the low fuel injector, its condition can be checked by shorting the two leads found outside the cable connector. While turning the ignition key to the ACC, a light from the low fuel indicator is produced.

The method of inspecting this fuel sender is important since the fuel tank works in a very harsh condition. Its proper operation should comply with the -40°C to 85°C temperature, for this is considered as the standard temperature in automobile electronic operation. An inaccurate level of temperature needs some changes to restore its efficiency. The Autometer fuel sender can be usually found in a non-pressurized aluminum, plastic, or stainless fuel tanks. This device considers a design that should resist trouble with corrosion. This device also requires a calibration routine in order to make its function more efficient.

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