Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge & Accessories

If you are really a serious performance rider, your auto gauges must be those from Autometer. Each Autometer gauge features unique and superior race restyling and includes an optional chrome plated bezel that snaps on to add sparkle if desired. You can have a lot of options with Autometer fuel pressure gauge alone. One of them is the Autometer carbon fuel pressure gauge which combines accuracy and reliability with the cutting-edge look of carbon fiber. This features an authentic carbon race with a silver bezel giving your cockpit a new look. It withstands harsh racing environments and provides the unsurpassed accuracy and reliability.

Also check out the Autometer traditional fuel pressure gauge that features a rugged air core meter, necessary sender. This can be mounted in optional panels, gauge pods or in mounting cups. Included in this unit are red and green light bulb covers for a custom night driving look. Being among the hottest instrument in motorsports, the ultra light analog gauge features aluminum construction that greatly reduces weight. It is easy to read because of its satin anodized aluminum faces and black accents. Another option is the Autometer ultra-nite fuel pressure gauge which is easily identified by its anodized blue exterior.

This gauge offers distinctive qualities necessary in many forms of racing. It features luminescent dial that glows at night for dimly lit tracks when no battery is available to light conventional gauges. It has a sealed water-resistant case that keeps moisture and debris out. Also available in the market today is the Autometer Z series fuel pressure gauge which features a rugged air core meter and can be mounted in optional panels, gauge pods, or in mounting cups. Parts Train got the Autometer gauges you need including the Autometer fuel pressure gauge. You just have to browse through our extensive online catalog and place your order. Expect an immediate response because it's not our game to fail our most valued customers!