Autometer Fuel Level Gauge & Accessories

Every Autometer fuel level gauge just like OEM fuel level gauges operate on the same principle. They function similarly to the ohm meter and measure resistance to ground but only within a calibrated range and direction. The power and ground is provided to the gauge to power the meter. It is on the 'S' terminal where the signal is generated. The S terminal is connected to the tank sending unit. The signal is then received by the fuel tank sender that also varies resistance to the ground. The sender, come to think can be thought of as a mere resistor. For this reason, the sender requires a second wire going to a common chassis ground for the sender would lack the ability to vary resistance to ground otherwise.

Also note that each fuel level gauge is designed to work with specific sending units that vary with different automobile manufacturers. Autometer is proud to offer gauge models for use with existing senders on various vehicles. Also made available sending unit to work with Autometer fuel level gauge is the sender 3236. An ohm reading will need to be taken if you wish to use your existing sender and uncertain about the sender unit type. Now if you want to test the sending unit, initially you have to locate the wire coming from the sending unit. Two ohm reading must be taken once the located – one with fuel tank full.

You need to disconnect the wire to the sender and connect the positive lead from the ohm meter to the sender terminal and the negative lead to a good ground. This is to properly take an ohm reading. You can start to match one fuel level gauge to your vehicle when ohm reading has been taken. Parts Train is a great auto parts and accessories provider that you can depend on if you need Autometer fuel level gauge to replace your stock. For all your auto gauges needs, we are always ready to help you, night and day.