Autometer Engine Module & Accessories

Looking for ways to improve your vehicle's performance? Employing the Autometer engine module to your car is one of the best means to achieve it. Talking about technology, this engine module is bombarded with high tech features that will definitely give your vehicle an absolute boost in performance. When you buy an Autometer engine module, you will get the best engineering, the highest quality and great value that the industry has to offer. This engine module features Nexus Series with seven programmable LED gauge illumination, tinted lens, sensor module, a remote, polished bezel and also provides a full function of the entire Nexus features.

Autometer is serious about manufacturing best car instruments so as to meet the demands of every enthusiast. They have been widely participating in several racing competitions and through this they have proven that their products truly perform amazingly. Autometer is one of the most respected manufacturers of high quality, performance aftermarket instrumentation, tachometers, gauges and one of their products is the Autometer engine module. They have been providing the industry with top quality vehicle instruments for almost forty seven years which makes them the experts in manufacturing these components.

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