Autometer Crankshaft Trigger Kit & Accessories

Stabilizing the ignition timing is one of the best means to improve the performance of the engine; this is what the Autometer crankshaft trigger kit does exactly to your vehicle. Racers need a device like this so that their car will perform well during the competition. Autometer is well known in the world of race track, they participate in various racing competitions. The amazing performance of Autometer products shows the genuine and quality of a true American engineering and technology.

It was established way back 1957, where they have dedicatedly give huge amount of time as well as resources that are to maintain the strong leadership role they have built forty seven years. They are very determined to produce the best possible vehicle instruments that are now available in the automotive market. Products that will outperform the other products, Autometer is one of the most respected manufacturers of gauges, engine modules and other vehicle instruments designed to help improve every car's performance.

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