Autometer Brake Pressure Gauge & Accessories

A brake pressure gauge like the Autometer brake pressure gauge is a device typically used by machines such as automobiles for measuring and determining the amount of pressure that is applied to the brakes whenever the driver steps on the pedal. Basically, gauges are mechanical or electrical devices specifically designed to inform the driver about the occurrences inside the vehicle. They are employed to monitor the gas amount inside a gas tank, engine speed, vehicle speed, water temperature and oil pressure.

For vehicles that include supercharger or turbocharger, they usually have boost gauge, fuel pressure gauge, and a voltmeter to determine if the battery is being charged as well as a transmission temperature gauge. The brake pressure gauge on the other hand has been developed for vehicles to have an easy monitoring of the brake pressure. Since it determines the amount of pressure that arrives in each caliper, the brake pressure gauge is one of the best means to determine the bias that is between the front and the rear brake pressures.

Gauges can be found under the dash, on a console, in a gauge pod on the pillar which is at the front of the driver. But most enthusiasts install the tachometer at the steering column. There are several designs of gauges and some of them offer hot options such as glow in the dark and others that include carbon fiber faces that are used on racing tracks. You can also modify it if you want to add a nice look to your interior. Here in Parts Train you can find the best quality brake pressure gauges. Our site has a full line of Autometer brake pressure gauges for every automotive passion.