Autometer Boost Gauge & Accessories

Like humans, your vehicle is comprised of several essential systems in order to function. The absence of one will affect the others; hence all of them have to be well maintained. The entire car system should always be in good condition so your vehicle would be able to run well. Sometimes, you need some devices in order to be aware of your vehicle's condition and one good example is the Autometer boost gauge. It is a form of pressure gauge that determines the air pressure or supercharger boost pressure of your vehicle's internal combustion engine.

The boost gauge is commonly located on the dashboard, on the radio slot or onto the driver's pillar. Your car is equipped with turbochargers and superchargers which are both powered by engine driven compressors. They give the varying levels of boost based on the engine, load, rpm and others. Oftentimes, every given range of boost pressure, there is a power band which helps on performance driving so as to know when that power band is being approached and similarly if the driver wants to know about the engine's rpm.

Boost gauge is required if the boost pressure is being adapted to higher levels compared to the OEM standard which comes from the production turbocharged car. It measures the pressure in bar or psi while most of these boost gauges measures the inches of the mercury and the manifold vacuum pressure. There are several ways in order to maximize the factory boost levels like installing a boost controller. Meanwhile, if you need a new boost gauge for your vehicle, Parts Train offers you a complete line of Autometer boost gauges for your vehicle. Feel free to visit our site anytime. Should you need personal assistance to answer your queries, you may call our toll-free numbers and our customer service representatives will be glad to be of service to you.