Autometer Battery Charger & Accessories

Your car battery is so crucial because it supplies electric energy to the starter motor and the ignition system of the engine. You got it right; it is the power source of every vehicle. Usually, lead-acid batteries provide a nominal 12-vlt potential difference by serially connecting six cells that each produces about 2 to 2.1 volts. Other batteries of the same type are made up of plates of lead and lead oxide. Such plates are submerged into a 35% sulfuric acid and 65% water solution which is also known as the electrolyte solution. Chemical reaction takes place in this process. This chemical reaction releases electrons which allow them to flow through conductors therefore producing electricity.

The materials of the lead plates react with the acid of the electrolyte when the lead acid battery discharges. This changes the surface of both plates to lead sulphate. The chemical reaction is reversed when the battery is recharged. Now the lead sulphate reforms into lead oxide and lead and therefore restoring the plated to their original condition and allowing the process to repeat. If you want to extend your battery's life, you can make use of the Autometer battery charger. This charger features a lightweight and compact design which makes it portable and easy to store and use.

Also, its all-metal casting provides outstanding durability that will hold up to daily abuse. It also has the so called micro-controlled charging system, its special quality. This charging system keeps your battery as its fullest possible charge and removes dips in power that can cause battery sulfation – the number one cause of dead batteries. Parts Train got the superior battery chargers that you are looking for. They are from Autometer! Each Autometer battery charger can quickly and easily charge your lead acid battery and delivers full current until the current drawn by the battery falls to 150 mA. So grab one for your car now!