Autometer Ammeter & Accessories

The Autometer ammeter has been tried and tested, and is proven to be one of the most accurate measuring tools in its category. What exactly does it do? It measures the flow of electricity produced by the alternator that is relayed to the battery of the vehicle. In certain adverse operating conditions, as in the case of an alternator failure, an ammeter also measures the discharge from the battery. This function is important so that the alternator can keep on recharging the battery if the current flow is getting low.

The Autometer ammeter is not only known for its dependability, but also for its diversity. The four most popular designs, according to the series they are in, are the following: the traditional chrome series, cobalt series, Z-series, and Sport Comp series. They come with either chrome, white, or black bezels. The dial, numbers, and background vary as well. Sizes slightly differ, but worry not as they all come in a design that has a universal fit. You can also choose between analog and digital dials, the latter being more popular, especially to owners of those flashy sports cars.

Nothing beats an Autometer product, that we can say. The company is probably one of the most, if not the most respected manufacturer of tachometers, gauges, ammeters, and the likes in the car parts industry. Thus, you will find it hard to chance upon a local car parts store or an online store that does not have any Autometer products among their selections. Moreover, Autometer has a broad array of products. They produce virtually everything a car owner would want and dream of. If you need something to measure the pressure of the fuel, water, or air, Autometer surely has it. Even speed and distance measurement is covered. This is how versatile Autometer is.

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