Autometer Air Fuel Ratio Gauge & Accessories

Autometer stands out when it comes to automotive gauges and instruments for racing and street cars. For many years now, the company has been consistently active in manufacturing car and truck gauge holders. It is known for its famous gauge and pillar pods data loggers, gauge panels, street and rod gauge kits. Aside from these, the brand also boasts of distinctive gauges that keep receiving two thumbs up from several riders and enthusiasts. One of the most popular is the Autometer air fuel ratio gauge.

As the name suggests, the Autometer air fuel ratio gauge keeps you informed of your vehicle's air fuel ratio. This is particularly helpful in the power generation process. To ensure efficient combustion, an ideal ratio must be maintained by successfully combining the fuel with the free oxygen in the engine chambers. This is called the stoichiometric mixture. It is critical in preventing pollution and improving driving performance. Other than the right ratio, the fuel delivery system must be precisely tuned to obtain high torque and horsepower gains. The engine fuel injection (EFI), engine control module (ECM), and engine management system or carburetor must be properly regulated for the right fuel delivery.

With regular monitoring of the air fuel ratio, you are guaranteed of a good driving performance. Whether you drive a car, SUV, or pickup truck, you can enjoy the benefits of the Autometer air fuel ratio gauge as long as your vehicle engine has four, six, or eight cylinders and a 12-volt electrical system. The Autometer air fuel ratio gauge comes in various styles. You can choose from a real carbon fiber face, a satin anodized aluminum face and bezel, or a crisp white face with a black bezel. Reading and installing the Autometer air fuel ratio gauge is never difficult. Everything you need for the installation is included in the package when it is delivered to you as it comes with all the necessary wires, hardware, and sending unit.

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