Autometer Car Parts & Accessories

Autometer is one of the trusted brands when it comes to car performance parts. The whole concept of the company's design is to provide precision, power and passion to every automobile in the planet. They produce top quality gauges, instrumentation, and tachometers. Since 1957, they put a strong commitment of time and assets in developing highly competitive aftermarket beats instruments. Now, the long list of Autometer products includes the following: air fuel ratio gauge, air press gauge, battery charger, brake pressure gauge, crankshaft trigger kit, cylinder head temp. gauge, fuel sender, ignition control system, oxygen sensor, pressure hose, voltmeter, and speedometer.

Autometer is among the foremost brand when it comes to gauges. One of its most popular designs is the Luna Series 4121 oil pressure gauge. It uses a non-toxic electrified phosphorescent material that emits a greenish glow. It is also equipped with a straightforward face with black incremental numbering. Its dimension is pretty standard with a 2¼ diameter, both ¼ and 1/8 NPOT fittings, and mounting depth of 1 9/16. This series is perfect for race cars because it is easy to read and has a smooth design.

Vehicles that are always pushed to the limit and carries huge quantity of load will benefit from the Ultralight 4322 oil pressure gauge. They are available in different hand placement positions and wide color hues. This is made up of very light materials and gives the car owner option to load up on other car performance parts. Another fantastic Autometer product is the Carbon Fiber 4714 gauge. It has a sturdy dial face and is made from anodized aluminum bezel. It is used to monitor the fuel level inside the vehicle.

There are so many Autometer products that are available in the market. Whether you drive a pick-up or a sports car, there is always the perfect part for your vehicle. Get a load of these excellent Autometer performance parts at Parts Train. We are the leading and trusted name when it comes to aftermarket products for all types of automobiles. You get real value for your money because we only sell genuine brand straight from the manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is our priority so rest assured that our products are guaranteed of premium quality offered at best deal.